Success story

Agriculture workshop for 40 formers in shaker Dara District, Kabul

Title: Prevention of Seasonal Diseases (Apple Aphid, Woolly Apple Aphid, Sangoef Scab) & Professional cutting of trees




Last year it is observed that the local people struggles were not successes, Shaker Dara District has a lot of Agricultural Land and Fruit Gardens (Apple & Grapes), last year most of the Agricultural yield was destroyed by seasonal diseases like (Apple Aphid, Woolly Apple Aphid, Sangoef Scab) and calamities like above mentioned diseases so the productivity decreased, fruit trees are infected and the formers were not able to


Find out way for solution. Local formers needed to know about the cutting procedure of trees because they didn’t have any training or course for it yet. Thus

The villagers came to District governor for support and share this Problem with Provincial Governor they requested to get new updates for prevention of fruit seasonal disease and trees professional cutting.

The Governor take that in the PBGF Program, Agricultural training workshop planned and after the approval it is implemented in community for improvement of poor formers which were selected per district governor and PDC and Local shura’s assessment. Exchange of Skill and experiences to each other encourage the formers and the participants educated for professional cutting of the apple and grape trees, which they can’t know in past (professionally. Besides they learned how to treat the seasonal diseases in a local way. They also learned how to grow new plants in the nursery and become able to use local animal fertilizer instead of DAP.

After the workshop distributed the Agricultural tools:  Scissors, Saw, Claw ,Sprayer, Shovel and pickax for farmers, the  governor representative Mr. Ali Ghulam Sakhi said to the closing ceremony that agriculture is back bone for our social and economical structure and we need more improvement in this field. He was so happy for his formers capacity, he thanks for TAF/PBGFII for supporting such program and hope this will be the first success step of our formers for strong economy. The Governor Representative called for all formers to be a part of anti narcotic group because narcotic is anti Islam, anti humanity, anti economy and will damage our image in the local & international society. Governor added that now we need to help our self, to get value for normal life and prevent all the points that will get us back.

The training had direct impact on the economy of the people by increasing the capacity and skill of formers for good fruit trees output, because formers were coming to Kabul for small treatment of tree, taking professional DW for trees cutting but now trained former can do it without any payment and also able to train other formers.

The (PDC member) said that really our respected governor started a series of workshops for motivation& improvement of agriculture and eradication of illegal cultivation. It is our responsibility to really operate and accept Islamic regulation for prevention of poppy that will destroy our young generation for whom we need habitually for future development. If our young generation is safe, active, educated, strong and well dressed then we are so and Afghanistan will be safe, active, educated, strong and well imaged.

In the month of Hamal the Regional team visited form said District farmers which they have worked their Garden’s and Agricultural Land they were very happy on appreciated form PG/DG Governor and PBGF /USAID program.

Mr. Malik Ghulam Mohammad local former said it is my best luck to find professional information and practical experience for my activity; I appreciate our government for our support and interest. He said that he now got training.